P#48  Flutamide in women AGA

Denise Steiner and Valcinir Bedin. Centro de Estudos da Clínica Stöckli, São Paulo, Brazil

Flutamide is a peripheric action anti-androgen drug, used for hirsutism and acne of the adult women. It is a non-steroid, non-hormonal substance and the only known side effect is the dose-dependent liver toxicity. It is known that to get some improvement in women AGA it is necessary to block the action of the androgens in the pilosebaceous unit. In our study we selected individuals from all women which complained of hair loss. After signature of informed consent and GCP, we selected those with clinical diagnosis of AGA and performed a screening of : FSH, LH, TSH, PRL, SDHEA, Testosterone (Free and Total), AST, ALT.
57 patients had all these blood screening normal and were put into 250 mg flutamide bid regimen for 3 months. They were seen 3 times during the 3 months time and all complaints were recorded. They were given a questionnaire with a grade of no change, slight change, good change and very good change. It was given twice, the first, 45 days after beginning and the second 90 days after the start. The same grade was given to the doctors. Results: Side effects: 19.0% (skin and lips dryness = 4.8%, nausea = 2.4%, diarrhoea = 2.4%, decreased libido = 2.4%, liver enzymes = 7.1%). In the first inquiry we obtained 48% of good and very good in the assessment by the patients and the doctors and in the end this number was 88%. As the only important side effect was the alteration of the liver enzymes we think that flutamide is a good option to treat women AGA.